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Research and development

Research and design without limit

More and more research institutions and universities are using the MiniTec profile system in combination with the iCAD Assembler software. They benefit from the limitless possibilities of the modular system and the reusability of the components.

A look at applications at some universities and laboratories shows how different the areas of application are and how creatively the - mostly - young engineers deal with the MiniTec construction kit. It more or less follows the ideas of the young researchers. This is particularly important, because creativity should not be restricted in its implementation by technical limitations or excessive costs.

And this is precisely what can be achieved with the MiniTec portfolio: The components of the modular system are coordinated in such a way that they always fit together and are easy to combine. If a development goes in a different direction than originally planned, all components can be detached from each other again and reused.

If you would also like to use the MiniTec profile construction kit for your university or research institution, please contact us. Of course, this also applies if you are a student and want to use our system as part of your studies. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here you will find suitable laboratory furniture for your project

Advantages for research institutions:
  • Proven modular system
  • Constructions can be changed at any time
  • Parts reusable
  • Students and research staff learn how to use an established modular system
  • There are no limits to creativity
  • Free CAD system with parts library
  • Automatic plausibility checks during design


Practical examples