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LB linear system

Ready to install components

With the ready to install LB linear system a compact and economically efficient linear guide is available to you. The precise LB linear system LB is ideally used for short traversing distances and high stroke frequency. Use the LB 90 or 180 linear module and the corresponding components such as slides, shaft supports, end caps and centring bushes as well as profile rail guides in line with the proven MiniTec modular principle. Learn more

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For maximum loading capacity

The LB guide is based on precision steel shafts and LME 20 linear ball bearings, which are installed in specially designed holes as rolling bearings in our construction profiles. Thanks to integrated ring seals, high functional reliability is also ensured under rough operating conditions. The leading precision steel shafts D 20 mm also lend the modules high loading capacity. The LB linear guide has significant advantages, particular for short traversing distances and high stroke frequency. Particularly compact and economic guide elements based on our solid precision ball bushings of the LME series

Modular structure based on the modular principle

The MiniTec LB series guides are particularly suitable for strokes up to 1000 mm. The modular structure of our modular system gives the designer complete design freedom with small space requirement. The ball bushings with solid outer jacket made of hardened ball bearing steel are mounted directly in the Ø 32 mm holes of the specially designed 45 x 135, 45 x 180, 90 x 180, 90 x 45 S and 90 x 90 S construction profiles.

Clearance free, easy moving and low noise

The solid ball bushings ensure extremely easy movement, clearance-free guiding and low noise impact of the linear guides and a long life. When designing LB guide systems, it must be noted that the shaft deflection under loading may not exceed 0.5 degrees.

We also offer the LB linear guide complete with threaded or ball bearing spindle. All linear units are also available as rust-free (stainless) types. Opt for maximum loading capacity and precision with the LB linear system. With MiniTec you have a strong partner in profile system, linear technology and linear systems at your side.

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