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Height adjustments

The optimum working height for every application

Studies prove time and time again just how important ergonomics are in the workplace. The ability to individually adjust the working height is of great importance here, as this can prevent fatigue or even damage to the body. This applies to normal desks in workshops or offices as well as larger working levels, complete packaging, assembly and production systems or even transport trolleys, material supply systems or devices of any kind.

With the MiniTec modular system, you have great flexibility to make constructions height-adjustable. In addition to ready-made table frames with electric height adjustment , MiniTec offers various flexible lift systems that you can use in your equipment construction.

Lifting columns for electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and manual height adjustment are available, which we present to you on this page. Which type is recommended in each case depends on the individual circumstances. Learn more

Electric height adjustment

The most convenient option is electric height adjustment. The working height can be adjusted individually at the touch of a button - quickly, easily and as often as you like. MiniTec offers two different types of lifting columns.

In the electric lift systems with "1G" in the name, one side of the column is closed, which can be useful for visual or hygienic reasons. The systems with "M" in the name, on the other hand, have grooves on all four sides of the lifting column - which has advantages if you want to attach something to it. Furthermore, these systems are inherently electrically conductive. With the ESD components from the MiniTec modular system, ESD suitability is therefore child's play. However, the "1G" systems can also be made ESD-compatible by attaching a spiral cable.

Both lift systems are available in different stroke lengths. The installation height of the "1G" models is always 50 mm higher than that of the "M" versions. Depending on the requirements and load, up to 3 lifting columns can be synchronized on all electric lift systems, allowing them to be raised and lowered simultaneously at the touch of a button. This option can even be extended to up to 12 columns on request.

Battery-powered solutions are also possible for electric height adjusters (on request), so that no cable is required for the power supply. This is useful for transport trolleys with integrated height adjustment, for example.

Hydraulic height adjustment

Hydraulic height adjustment is recommended wherever there is no electricity. It is therefore frequently used for mobile applications. One side of these lift systems is also closed. They are available in different stroke lengths and in sets of 1, 2, 3 or 4, depending on requirements. A connected configuration of up to 10 systems is possible. The height is adjusted using a fold-down hand crank - for all lifting columns simultaneously, as they are connected to the pump via a hydraulic hose.

Pneumatic height adjustment

These lift systems also require no electricity. They offer a certain degree of convenience and are comparatively inexpensive. The height is adjusted using a lever, similar to those used on office chairs. Pneumatic lift systems are more suitable for lighter constructions, as their load-bearing capacity is only moderate.

Manual height adjustment

The simplest and most cost-effective variant is manual height adjustment, which works with doubled profiles. Raising and lowering or adjustment is carried out by loosening the screw connections. This type is particularly recommended if the height is only to be changed once in a while, but is usually set once and then fixed..

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