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Adjustment units

Bring movement into your linear system

The MiniTec adjusting units are the right choice for adjusting conveying equipment, for the adjustment of feeders and for adjustable jibs in the linear system Here you will find our range of adjusting units including CAD data. Learn more

Exact adjustment for diverse areas

MiniTec-adjusting units are ready to install modules, which are assembled with precise fit according to the modular principle from standard elements of our profile system. They are used as standard elements in mechanical engineering, the packaging industry, in filling plants and in testing technology.

The right adjusting unit for every application

The modular structure of our adjusting units allows a large number of types with different cross-sections. The MiniTec adjusting units are optionally equipped with slide clamp, spindle cover, angular gear or counter. Choose from our two types of adjusting units, which differ by virtue of the slide guide: While the VEW series adjusting units move the slide on ground, hardened precision steel shafts, the VEN series guides the slide directly in the profile grooves. We will also be pleased to produce special designs completely to your specification. Simply contact us and we will implement customised components to your wishes!

High quality – resistant - precise

The MiniTec adjusting units are equipped with sliding elements made of heavy-duty PE-UHMW plastic. This material is resistant to most acids and alkaline. In this way we ensure the smooth functioning of our slide guides even under demanding conditions. The coefficient of friction on ground steel shafts is 0.05, on anodised surfaces made of aluminium is 0.1.

Ready to install and compact:
Our mini adjusting units

The small mini adjusting units are an addition to our product range. They are suitable for adjusting lateral guides in conveying equipment, sensor holders or light barriers and for simple jigs as machine elements. Like their large siblings, they are also made in optimum MiniTec quality and their areas of use are completely impressive. With the MiniTec adjusting units you opt for maximum quality and our decades of expertise in linear technology and adjusting units. You receive all the components you need for your linear system from us, from a single source.

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