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Soldering technology

Soldering machines

Individual customer systems for welding and soldering

Efficient welding and soldering technology play an important role in industrial production. MiniTec develops custom-built workstations for flux-free gas-shielded brazing.

With excellent know-how, acquired by the takeover of the Berlin specialists W&P Wolf & Partner GmbH, we offer our customers convincing solutions, which are frequently above the generally known state-of-the-art standard. Our knowledge of flux-free soldering and welding together with our experience in machine and plant construction are the ideal basis for efficient soldering machines in many areas of industry.

MiniTec offers you everything from a single source: Our range of services extends from problem analysis to applications advice including soldering test series, the development of different proposed solutions, project planning with our software developed in-house, design and production through to assembly and commissioning of the special machines - including training and after-sales service.

Key Features


  • low jointing times
  • local heating at the joint only
  • low environmental impact due to flux-free joining technology
  • easy machine operation
  • no need for time-consuming rework
  • reduction of production costs

Workplace for gas-shielded soldering of hard metal drill bits with solid carbide metal head


Exemplary choice of different soldered assemblies


Workplace for soldering round steel blanks onto steel saucepans


Workplace for simultaneous gas-shielded soldering of two valve bodies made of brass with pipes made of copper

The process
Flux-free welding and soldering

With the new joining technology, the flux-free soldering and welding, a soldering technology is available that can be used in particular where small dimensioned components are used. Direct electrical resistance heating or induction heating are always used as the heating methods. The special soldering and welding equipment can be used for gas-shielded flux-free soldering or diffusion welding of components made of steel, Cr/Ni steel, copper, brass or hard metal, either of the same materials or in combination.

Applications: In automation and hydraulic systems, in compressor building, in heating and sanitary technology or in the automotive industry.

Tunnel soldering

With the new soldering technology - the tunnel soldering with local heating - a method was developed that combines the advantages of local heating with those of the continuous furnace. To ensure this, the assemblies are heated inductively or by resistance heating and are clocked through a shielding gas tunnel. The length of the shielding gas tunnel is decisive for the success of the process. This provides the component in the shielded gas sufficient cooling time, so that tarnishing does not occur on the component surface after leaving the tunnel. The connections made in this way are bright, fixed and tight and meet all quality criteria set for a good soldered joint.

Advantages: Decisive advantages of tunnel soldering compared to furnace soldering/brazing are the improved automation capability of the production process and the lower operating costs.

Applications: Tunnel soldering is used successfully in the supplier industry, the automotive industry as well as in heating and sanitary technology.

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