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Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors and heavy-duty roller conveyors from the conveyor technology specialists

The MiniTec roller conveyors ensure reliable transport of conveyed goods. You can choose between roller conveyors with and without drive completely dependent on the circumstances in your company and the type of goods to be transported. Whether for unit loads or heavy loads – with the extensive portfolio of diverse accessories, we design your roller conveyor specifically to your wishes. Learn more

Roller conveyors - efficient conveyor technology on idlers

The roller conveyor consists of many idler rollers arranged in parallel, one after the other, on the roller rails, which are rotatable and have ball bearing supports. They therefore work with particularly low noise. Ideal areas for use of roller conveyors are closed rooms such as industrial halls. Thanks to the modular principle, the lane widths and lengths can be designed completely according to the circumstances on site (e.g. curves, gradients). High-quality aluminium profiles from the proven MiniTec modular system function as lateral guides. Diverse fastening components complete our roller conveyor range and contribute to even more flexibility in the design of your roller conveyor systems.

Unlimited reliability with or without drive

The MiniTec roller conveyors are optionally equipped with or without drive technology. Roller conveyors without drive are ideally suitable for the manual transport of goods. The roller conveyors with drive use robust drive belts from roller to roller via the bevel shaft for maximisation of performance. With the help of brake rollers, the running speed can be controlled in sloped situations, so that the roller conveyors are also suitable as part of production lines and equipping solutions.

Roller conveyors are the right choice for the transport of boxes, unit loads and for material provisioning in production lines. The roller conveyor systems therefore make a substantial contribution to the optimisation of production processes and avoid protracted in-house transport routes.

Benefit from us as a roller conveyor manufacturer and qualified partner and equip your company with roller conveyors for conveyor technology in industry, logistics and workshops. With MiniTec you acquire roller conveyor and high-quality components as well as a high level of expertise in the planning, design and assembly of complex conveyor systems from a single source.

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