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Mini conveyor belt - small conveyor belt

MiniTec has added a highly interesting product to its range in the area of conveyor systems: The new mini conveyor belt is characterized by a very small space requirement and is used to transport small parts.



Miniature conveyor belt - small footprint, maximum flexibility

The core component is a special 45 mm aluminum profile (Profile 45 FRS), which can be seamlessly integrated into any MiniTec design. It acts as a base and carrier profile for a 25 mm wide conveyor belt. The length of the conveyor belt can be between 250 mm and 2000 mm.

Either a head drive or a center drive is used as the drive, i.e. it can be placed either at the end of the conveyor section or within it. The head drive is equipped with a servo motor, for the center drive either a three-phase motor or a servo motor can be used.

Which motor is the most suitable depends on the situation and the requirements. If the speed is to be variable, servo motors are recommended, because with these the speed can be changed continuously. With three-phase motors, on the other hand, the speed is fixed and is either 3.4 or 4.3 or 6.6 m/min, depending on the type. However, the speed can also be variably adjusted here by means of a frequency converter (accessory).


Our mini conveyor belts
Miniförderband - Kleinförderband
Mini conveyor belt center drive with servo motor

Article no. 29.5400/0

  • 25 mm belt width
  • Servo drive with strinwheel gearbox, 60W 
  • Left / right rotation switchable at the driver, or via external control (reversing operation) 
  • Conveying speed infinitely variable from 0,5 - 25 m/min 
  • Position of the drive via L1 (min. 50mm) & L2 (min. 50 mm) determine: A = L1 + L2 + 128 mm 


Mini conveyor belt center drive with three phase motor
Mini conveyor belt center drive with three phase motor

Article no. 29.5400/1

  • 25 mm Belt width
  • Drive via three-phase motor with 90 W: 3.4 m/min belt speed 4.3 m/min belt speed 6.6 m/min belt speed
  • Counterclockwise / clockwise rotation by corresponding terminal assignment on the motor
  • Determine position of drive via L1 (min. 50mm) & L2 (min. 50 mm): A = L1 + L2 + 128 mm 

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Mini conveyor belt head drive with servo motor
Mini conveyor belt head drive with servo motor

Article no. 29.5401/0

  • 25 mm Belt width
  • Servo drive with spur gear, 60W
  • Conveying speed continuously adjustable from 0.4 - 20 m/min

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Application areas for our mini conveyor belt

The range of applications for the new mini conveyor is huge. Wherever small parts have to be transported, the solution can be integrated quickly and easily - due to its simple design, of course, also by the customer himself. And because the 45 FRS profile serves as the basis, mini conveyor belts can also be used to feed or discharge materials in combination with MiniTec's FRS kanban system.

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