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Sliding guides

Robust slides and slide bars

Our efficient linear guides also include the slide guides. A significant feature is that, unlike ball-type linear guides, the individual elements are not separated by rolling guides, such as balls or rollers. The slide elements are thus loaded with uniform distribution and are extremely resistant, even under demanding conditions. Learn more

Slideways from MiniTec - Mastering high loads easily

The slide guides are suitable for a large number of linear technology applications, in which high loads are required. These include the adjustment of light barriers, reflectors and lateral guides; other simple linear units and feed units are also ideal fields of applications.

Resistant and maintenance free

The MiniTec slide guides are particularly characterised by their resistance. Even under very demanding conditions, these linear guides work without limitation. They are not sensitive to dirt and are even resistant to chemicals. They are also ideally suitable for dry running and do not require any lubrication whatsoever. They are also virtually maintenance free. With the MiniTec slide guides you benefit from guide rails with a long useful life, which are at the same time also extremely low noise.

The right sliding guide for every requirement

Like all our components and profiles, the MiniTec slide guides can also be integrated seamlessly into our modular system. Combine our slides and slide bars to form linear guides, which precisely fit your requirements. In line with the high MiniTec quality standard, the slide guides combine a long life with extreme resistance. When it comes to linear guides and conveyor technology, you can count on the MiniTec slide guides.

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