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Pharmaceutical industry

Customized systems for the pharmaceutical industry

The great importance of the pharmaceutical industry for society is once again evident in the current Corona pandemic. It was only thanks to the commitment and innovative strength of research-based pharmaceutical companies that it was possible to develop and make available several effective vaccination products in a very short time. But manufacturers of generic drugs, i.e. drugs whose patent protection has already expired, also form an important pillar for the healthcare system.

Efficient production and logistics are of central importance for pharmaceutical companies. MiniTec can provide valuable support here with its experience in the areas of conveyor technology, automation, testing and protection systems.

One important topic is tracking and tracing. This allows the complete traceability of medicines throughout the entire supply chain and thus helps patients and manufacturers to protect themselves against plagiarism. And, of course, it also enables them to react quickly in the event of product problems. Together with its partner ISW, MiniTec has developed extremely efficient systems in the form of the "PALC" and the "IPAC", which we present to you here. 

But we are also your competent partner for other areas when it comes to customized solutions. Since machines and plants in the pharmaceutical industry are used in a wide variety of ways and production processes often differ, each design must be adapted to the individual circumstances. The required flexibility is guaranteed by the MiniTec profile system and the know-how of our engineers.

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