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LR linear system

Ready to install linear technology

The central component of our range for linear movement is the LR linear system. It is the proven combination of the MiniTec profile and linear technology. Choose from linear axes in three variants, corresponding components such as rails, slides, timing belt drives, timing belt pulleys and spare parts as well as fastening kits and accessories. You can use these ready to install components to assemble your high-precision linear system yourself. Learn more

Precise, easy running and reliable

The linear axes of the LR linear system are ideally suited for use in handling installations, measuring and adjusting devices as well as for the precise guiding of doors or large lifts.

In line with the proven MiniTec modular principle, our profile system is the ideal support for linear technology. All MiniTec profiles (except UL and Series 30) can therefore be equipped with a shaft support and a shaft and can be used as profile rail guides.

The LR linear system is based on double-row profiled roller elements made of ball bearing steel, which function as rolling bearings and hardened precision steel shafts made of material 1.1213 (CF 53). With this system it is possible to manufacture linear guides of any length, so that very long traverse paths can be achieved.

Even masters high speeds with no problems

The slides are equipped with 2-row profiled roller elements, whose shaft raceway is designed as a Gothic arch. The slides can be equipped with any number of profiled roller elements for very high loads. The profile roller elements are fixed directly onto the slide plate with steel strips. Special roller profiles are not necessary to assemble the slides. This gives the construction the greatest possible stability and it does not give. The backlash-free setting of the guides is achieved with eccentric bushings.

The slides are available open or completely enclosed. The enclosed slides have felt wiper strips integrated into the end caps, which remove coarse dirt form the shafts while at the same time supplying them with lubricant. The wiper strips can be quickly and easily replaced after loosening the side screw connections. The LR linear system can therefore be used without limitation, even under dirty or particularly demanding conditions of use.

Use the LR linear system and the diverse components and opt for high-precision MiniTec linear technology. Due to the high expertise in profile and linear systems, a wide range of high-quality linear units are available to you when you use the LR linear system.

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