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Pallet transport systems

Pallet transport systems are used whenever (manual or automatic) machining, marking or testing of workpieces takes place at defined stations. They also combine conveyor technology and workplace and are used to set up assembly and machining lines for assemblies. Which system is the optimum solution for the respective use depends on different factors such as the weight of the goods to be transported, the space available, etc.

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RMS roller conveyor system
RMS roller conveyor system

The flexible solution for heavy workpieces

TSG transfer system
TSG transfer system 

The economic solution for lightweight goods to be transported

UMS pallet circulation system
UMS pallet circulation system

Conveying in the smallest space

FMS flexible assembly system
FMS flexible assembly system

Modular structure for a large number of system concepts

System comparison

Below you will find a comparison between the RMS, TSG and FMS systems. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer consultants!

AREAS OF USEHeavy and large components such as engines, transmissions, axles, washing machines, heaters, etc.Small and medium-sized components, for example, mobile phones, electric motors, etc.Small, medium and large components, for example, shock absorbers, instrument panels, seats, headlamps, etc.
LOADSup to 350 kg/WPup to 300 kg/section150 kg/m
GUIDE WIDTHSStandard 400, 500, 600 mm200 mm160 mm to 1000 mm
WORKPIECE CARRIER LENGTH400 mm to 2000 mm200 mm160 mm to 2000 mm
SPEEDSup to 15 m/minbetween 5,5 – 21 m/minup to 18 m/min
ACCUMULATION MODEAccumulating rollers with internal frictionToothed belt 25 T5Accumulating roller chain or belt
DRIVEE-motor, tangential chain / accumulating rollerE-motor, toothed belt driveE-motor, pulley, chain wheel (sprocket)


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