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Battery production

Precision and speed in battery production

The demand for batteries has been increasing for years, not only in Europe but worldwide. The most significant driver is mobility, or rather electromobility to be precise. Battery production is becoming more important, especially for passenger vehicles (e.g. electric cars), commercial vehicles and mobile machines (e.g. forklift trucks). E-bikes as well as electrically operated scooters and motorbikes are also enjoying growing popularity.

In addition, there are diverse other areas of use such as gardening equipment. Furthermore, due to the trend towards renewable energy, increasing demand for stationary stores is to be expected in the power supply sector.  

This boom leads to the development of new production facilities for batteries. MiniTec can provide valuable support here. Due to our many years of expertise as a manufacturer in plant construction, particularly in solar technology too, we supply you with customised solutions for your assembly, handling, conveying and test processes.

MiniTec as part of your added-value chain

The lithium-ion battery clearly dominates the storage technology – regardless whether they are cylindrical round cells, prismatic batteries or pouch cells. The cells are assembled into battery modules and several modules are then joined together in battery packs. There are numerous conveying, handling and testing tasks to deal with. As a battery manufacturer, benefit from proven MiniTec technology and the know-how of our engineers. 

Decisive criteria in the battery assembly are precision (the tolerances lie within tight limits) and speed (the cells must be bonded and welded together in a very short time). Accordingly, transport of the module bodies or packing housings requires a technology that ensures high process accuracy and repeatability. MiniTec conveyor systems such as the FMS or the TSG are used here to transport workpiece carriers with high precision and at the same time, enormous speed.

When assembling (pick & place) the battery modules with the individual cells, handling systems based on MiniTec linear axes are an advantage, thanks to their accuracy and characteristically flexible layout. This also involves the bonding and pressing work processes of the battery cells in the module. Robots can naturally also be integrated into the automation of handling areas by MiniTec.

We will be pleased to help you with the battery production challenge. Curious? Then we look forward to you contacting us!