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Commitment in Kenya
Commitment to children

Values and commitment:

Responsibility to society.

We take our social responsibility very seriously. This responsibility not only relates to our employees, but also to our environment and the development of our society.

MiniTec generously supports schools, kindergartens and sports clubs in our region. In particular, early musical education in child daycare centres, promoting German and foreign language classes and sport for young people are the focal areas of our sponsoring. 

Map of Africa - Kenya

Helping others to help themselves

With our responsibility we have for many years gone beyond the regional borders and support the Arnold-Janssen School for orphans in the Soweto slum. 30,000 people in the slum are supplied with clean drinking water from a deep well on the school grounds. Another focus of our support is the Reinha Rosary Health Centre in Githunguri/Nairobi. This health centre is the only facility to provide care for around 120,000 people. 

The SASA volleyball team is also supported regularly. It enables local girls to enter social life through sport and school support, while most women and children in this region are refused such opportunities.

SASA Volleyball Team in the Soweto Slum (Kenya)

Bernhard Bauer &

Bernhard Bauer & Brother Karl Schaarschmidt

Arnold Janssen Primary School playground

Pupils of the Arnold Janssen Primary School

Pupils at the Arnold Janssen Primary School

Pupils at the Arnold Janssen Primary School

Arnold Janssen Primary School

Arnold Janssen Primary School