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Jobs for more participation

Workshops for people with disabilities are of enormous importance to society. They enable people with physical, mental or psychological disabilities to actively participate in working life and thus ensure a better quality of life and self-confidence. A typical field of activity is manual assembly. MiniTec offers customized workstations that meet the special requirements of workshops for people with disabilities and can be adapted to the individual handicaps of the employees.

Ergonomic workstations and worker assistance systems have been a core competence of MiniTec for many years. Our workplace design experts develop workplace systems according to the latest findings, also with regard to the requirements of digitalization. For people with disabilities in particular, the systems open up new opportunities for occupational participation. With the help of suitable assistance systems, employees are enabled to perform work independently, even after a short training period.

Perfect ergonomics thanks to modular profile system

All MiniTec workstation systems are based on the proven and flexible MiniTec modular profile system. A comprehensive range of accessories and the complete design freedom of the MiniTec modular system enable the individual realization of individual or team workstations that are precisely adapted to the specific needs of the employees.

Height-adjustable workstations prevent tension and postural damage caused by incorrect sitting positions and allow alternating work in both sitting and standing positions. For wheelchair users, the workstations must have a variable underclearance. At the same time, the arrangement of tools, measuring equipment and workpieces must be adaptable to the physical conditions of the employees and their gripping space.

Smart support through worker assistance

Workshops in particular are often faced with the task of how to teach their employees how to assemble products and how to support them during their work. This is where digital worker assistance systems can provide valuable help. They guide the worker step by step through the assembly process by displaying the respective required activities on the screen with the help of texts, graphics, photos or videos. There are a wide range of options for process support and interaction, as the systems allow a wide variety of hardware components to be controlled - for example, Pick2Light light strips, touch monitors, intervention sensors, scales and much more.

Worker assistance systems significantly reduce training time and ensure a noticeable increase in productivity. The error rate is reduced and quality is improved. Employees with disabilities are thus given the opportunity to participate in working life again.

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