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Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Efficient assembly of medical devices

Demand for electromedical equipment has increased enormously as a result of the Corona wave - and not only in the area of respiratory care units. There is also still high demand for other equipment in intensive care medicine as well as in the area of inpatient treatment.

For you as a supplier in this segment, efficient assembly is essential to keep the effort and costs of manufacturing your products under control while ensuring your ability to deliver. In doing so, you are subject to special requirements: The quantities for the various devices are relatively small, which results in a high variance in production. For this reason, only a small amount can be automated during assembly; most work steps are performed manually according to the shop floor principle. Assembly islands can also be used.

When it comes to workstation systems for an optimal assembly process, you should therefore leave nothing to chance. Rely on the expertise and know-how of MiniTec:


Our experience benefits you

For more than 30 years, we have been implementing assembly workstations for customers from a wide range of industries - even renowned medical technology companies rely on our solutions.

Solutions as individual as your wishes

We design the assembly stations individually in consultation with you. Due to our flexible aluminum profile construction kit, the possibilities for design are practically unlimited.

Ergonomically perfect

A wide range of options are available for ergonomic optimization - from height adjustment to lighting, provision of tools and materials, sound insulation and interactive assistance systems.

ESD suitable and hygienic

Of course, MiniTec workstations are ESD-compatible and also take your hygiene requirements into account.

From single station to assembly line

With the help of our conveyor technology and our know-how in intralogistics, we can combine individual workstations into assembly islands or into coherent assembly lines.