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NEW: Standardized manufacturing cells

MiniTec with innovative concept at Motek in Stuttgart.



The Art of Simplicity

The art of simplicity

As simple as possible. Individual solutions from the modular system.



19. September 2023

Roller wardrobes self made

Niederstetten fire department relies on its own design

Premiere at Motek

Students realize ambitious project

Max Born Institute benefits from reusability of MiniTec components

MiniTec design ensures participation in working life

MiniTec-based shelving system provides more hygiene and storage space

As kit or ready mounted

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Six-fold increase in product volume

Aluminum and wood a construction in harmony

Faraday cage for plant in Sweden

Distinction by the IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics

[Translate to English:] Beutelpackanlage

Productivity and process quality improved

Review of successful event

Machinery expanded at Waldmohr location

Improving presence on the African continent

10. January 2023

New iCAD Assembler version

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[Translate to English:] Autonomer mobiler Roboter
04. January 2023

Autonomous mobile robot

in the MiniTec warehouse

[Translate to English:] Roboter
02. January 2023

Hand in hand with Robby

The use of robots in complete solutions

[Translate to English:] Umformtechnik
05. December 2022

All in one:

Machining, inspection and serialization

More efficient processes between warehouse and packaging

More efficient processes between warehouse and packaging

[Translate to English:] Landmaschinen

AI test environment for autonomous tractors and combines

New area
11. October 2022

New area "Solution reports"

Practical examples of MiniTec projects

Connect customer magazine

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Improvement of the ergonomics during board assembly

Alexander Markovic

very efficient assembly line with controlled material flow

The first edition of Connect 2022

Transportable training rack from SEW and MiniTec

High performance PC
18. March 2022

Early practice...

Schools as important partners in research

Clean rooms

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie builds its own clean rooms as well as extremely complex test facilities.

Laboratory of Horticultural Phytotechnology

The Berlin University of Applied Sciences uses the profile system in many laboratories, including the Horticultural Phytotechnology Laboratory

MiniTec at

Transceiver of GALA in the mounting device for a space probe
04. March 2022

With MiniTec to Jupiter

At DLR in Berlin, a GALA transceiver was created in the mounting fixture for a spacecraft.

[Translate to English:] technische komplexe Versuchsaufbauten

At the Chair of LRF at the University of Kaiserslautern, technically complex experimental setups are created.

28. February 2022

New configurators

Convenient online to the desired product

Integrated comprehensive school Contwig

[Translate to English:] Röntgengeräte
26. January 2022

The piercing look

MiniTec offers automated and non-destructive quality testing from a single source with partner NTB

Profile system makes flexible for TV productions

Plant for profiles made to measure

Protection system
01. January 2022

Protection with system

Safety and occupational health are top priorities in production environments

10. December 2021

The new edition of Connect

MiniTec Customer Magazine 2021/04

Convey from level to level

Erick Valdez

PV production line from MiniTec ensures higher productivity

Image processing systems

The north German company ISW specializes in image processing systems.

[Translate to English:] FAQ - frequently asked questions

New on our website

[Translate to English:] Nachhaltigkeit bei MiniTec
19. November 2021

Sustainability at MiniTec

We act in the interest of the environment

[Translate to English:] Palettenumlaufsystem UMSL

Top product of the month

[Translate to English:] Kundenzeitschrift Connect 03/2021
06. October 2021

The new edition of Connect

MiniTec Customer Magazine 2021/03

Art & Culture Festival "It isn't happening"

Workplace at training institution

Medium-Sized Businesses Study 2021


Race Shuttles with individual body and trailer solutions

[Translate to English:] Palettenumlaufsystem UMSL

UMSL pallet circulation system

Dust extractor detail
19. April 2021

Freed from dust

System for automatic cleaning of workpieces

Tracking & tracing in the pharmaceutical industry

MiniTec-based systems against counterfeit medication

MiniTec Management

From the two-man firm to a globally operating medium-sized company: MiniTec began in 1986, as a small sales company for linear guides and developed…

Special machine construction
01. March 2021

Two at one stroke

Flexibility through modular design

Public administration

Public administration


Modern production system

Components for control cabinet construction


Expansion in France

Expansion in France


Modelmaking workstation

Modelmaking workstation


15. September 2020

Test machines for small parts

Tailor-made thanks to MiniTec


Hygiene protection

From hygiene protection to conference equipment


Waste collector

Environmental protection


Hygiene protection

Protect yourself and your employees!


System for fully-automatic filling

Automation and conveyor technology

A very special success story


[Translate to English:] Motek 2022
10. October 2023 - 13. October 2023

Motek 2023

International Trade Fair for Production and Assembly Automation

Florian Messe
12. October 2023 - 14. October 2023


Trade fair for fire department, civil defense and disaster control

All about automation
18. October 2023 - 19. October 2023

all about automation Düsseldorf

The regionally oriented trade fair for industrial automation


You will find the complete MiniTec profile range and components for linear technology, workplace systems, conveyor technology, protection systems and steel shafts in the Products area.


Based on our profile system, our engineers produce ready to use solutions for you for every task.

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