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MiniTec SmartAssist:
Assistance system rethought

Particularly with variant-rich production, companies are increasingly faced with the task of how to quickly train their employees in the respective assembly activities and support them during their work. This is where digital worker assistance systems can provide valuable help.

Due to the great demand from customers, we have developed our own solution for this: MiniTec SmartAssist. In line with the MiniTec motto "The Art of Simplicity", the focus was on making handling and operation as simple as possible. We benefited from our many years of experience in workplace design, but also from the expertise of MiniTec Smart Solutions in the field of Industry 4.0.

Easy work thanks to individual support

MiniTec SmartAssist guides the worker step by step through the assembly process by displaying the required activities on the screen with the help of texts, graphics, photos or videos. There are various options for process support and interaction, because the system is modular and allows the control of a wide variety of hardware components - for example Pick To Light light strips, touch monitors, intervention sensors, scales and much more. 

  • Short training period
  • Autodidactic work
  • Work in accordance with individual needs
    (symbolism, font size, language, color, etc.)

Create instructions yourself via editor

The central component of the MiniTec assistance system is the intuitive MiniTec SmartEdi editor, which allows customers to easily design and store the processes for assembling new products themselves. This means more flexibility and independence. The system requires no programming knowledge and is virtually self-explanatory.

  • No programming skills required
  • Intuitive and easy creation of work instructions
  • Easy duplication of knowledge
  • High time savings during induction or retraining

This system offers great potential, especially for supporting the work process of people with disabilities. The simple programming of the assembly instructions allows any caregiver to prepare the workplace and the intuitive operation works great even with handicap.

- Employee | Westpfalz-Werkstätte Landstuhl

The project goal of our group was to implement the partial steps of assembly for the kit of a "Lego technology car" in the form of a flow assembly in the device software. With MiniTec SmartAssist, we were able to enable the smooth assembly of the model by compiling our own assembly instructions.

- Project manager | Meisterschule für Handwerker Kaiserslautern

Multiple advantages with MiniTec SmartAssist

The MiniTec assistance system significantly reduces the learning time and ensures a noticeable increase in productivity. The error rate is lower, the quality better. In times of shortage of skilled workers, it offers the possibility to integrate untrained personnel into the assembly process.


This also gives employees with disabilities the opportunity to participate in working life again. In addition to assembly, the solution can of course also be used in other areas, such as incoming goods, order picking or shipping.


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