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Jobs and careers with distinction.

MiniTec GmbH & Co. KG is considered an attractive employer in the Western Palatinate region. As a manufacturer of profile, linear and workstation systems and solution provider for factory automation, we offer qualified jobs in various areas. At the same time, we provide attractive general conditions and a pleasant working atmosphere. For this, Minister of Economic Affairs Eveline Lemke presented us with the "Attractive Employer Rhineland-Palatinate" award at a ceremony on November 18, 2015.

The company received the award for transparent career opportunities, an appreciative personnel policy and its commitment to working with children and young people in the community.


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What our employees say

Employee Eduardo Vigo

“I come from Peru and am glad that I can work in this company. I have great co-workers, a clean and pleasant workplace and our boss greets all employees by their name.”

- Eduardo Vigo
Preassembly employee

Employee Benjamin Baier

“The work in the sales department offers me new challenges each and every day. Apart from the commercial tasks and contact with customers, there is the technical aspect of the work. Drawings of machined shafts, all kinds of different linear bearings and whole linear modules. Before creating a quotation, a technical check is carried out. Our customers can rely on the confirmed quality we offer. In this way, we can offer customers the same full service as our special machine construction. The official channels in-house are short and not only enable us to provide support for larger projects on our own responsibility, but also to contribute our own ideas.”

- Benjamin Baier
Linear technology sales

Employee Christine Zucco

“I joined MiniTec in June 2016. Initially I worked in the incoming goods department. As MiniTec started up the new stock management system in 2017, I was familiarised with it from the outset and as a result was given the opportunity to switch to a new and varied area of activity. I really enjoy working in such an innovative and dynamic company, which gives its employees the opportunity to develop. That is why I am proud to be a member of the MiniTec team.”

- Christine Zucco
Warehouse employee

Employee Jochen Hellbrück

“During my master’s dissertation, in which MiniTec supported me, not only by providing material and control technology, but also through the good advice I received from my competent co-workers, my impression of MiniTec as a forward-looking and innovative company was strengthened. I was therefore all the more pleased to be given the opportunity to start my professional life here and to be able to apply the skills I had acquired in diverse and interesting projects.”

- Jochen Hellbrück
Automation technology engineer