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Hygiene protection

Protect yourself and those around you with MiniTec hygiene protection

Regardless of whether at the point-of-sale, in the doctor’s practice or in an open-plan office, protection against infections plays an enormous role in all our lives. With MiniTec hygiene protection, we offer you a fast and effective solution. The protective screen is simply positioned between the interlocutors and thus reduces the direct transmission path substantially. The virus can be transmitted directly via the mucous membranes of the respiratory passages (sneezing, coughing, saliva) or via the hands, with which people later touch their face and therefore the pathogen comes into contact with the mucous membranes.

With the cough and sneeze guard you therefore not only protect yourself and your employees, but also your customers. We also offer you the possibility of mounting the sneeze guard on a counter or to install a mobile hygiene partition with counter. Learn more

Particularly hygienic

Our “sneeze guards” are made of aluminium. Thanks to its smooth surface, aluminium is very easy to clean and disinfect and is significantly more hygienic than other materials such as wood.

Quickly assembled

Our aluminium profiles and the Plexiglas panel(s) can also be joined with only a few tools to form an effective protection against droplet infections and can be positioned in the required location.

Flexible dimensions

Here you will find the different standard protective screens for the most common requirements. Other dimensions and types can also be implemented easily – simply tell us your wishes!

Available at short notice

All the necessary items, whether as counter top screen or as mobile hygiene partition, are available directly ex warehouse in Schönenberg-Kübelberg.

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