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Laboratory furniture from MiniTec

Equipment for a modern laboratory

Laboratories are sensitive work areas that are indispensable in many industries such as medicine, physics or engineering. In addition to the necessary laboratory technology, the right laboratory furniture is needed here to ensure efficient and safe work processes. With the MiniTec construction kit, all types of laboratory furniture can be realized, and you can suitably furnish both small and large laboratories.

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Furniture for laboratory equipment

Laboratory furniture is the essential element of a modern laboratory. Work benches, trolleys, laboratory cabinets and a laboratory sink, for example, are pieces of furniture that are usually found in every laboratory. If you are faced with the task of furnishing a laboratory, careful laboratory planning is the key.

A decisive aspect here is the size of the laboratory. Standard laboratory furniture is not ideal for all space conditions - especially in small laboratories, it can then happen that not everything fits in that you would like to have in this important workspace. Of course, you can have all lab furniture custom-made, but that is an exceedingly expensive proposition.

The perfect solution is the MiniTec construction kit, which can be used to create all types of laboratory furniture and adapt it to the space available. The components of the modular system are designed so that they always fit together and are easy to combine.  So you can put together your laboratory equipment as you wish and as the space allows. And if required, all components can of course be detached from each other again and used anew.

Laboratory tables / work tables

The laboratory bench provides the working basis for the activities in the laboratory. You should plan enough laboratory tables for your laboratory and pay attention to good quality. Above all, laboratory tables should be stable and easy to clean. Height adjustability is also important, because ergonomic workstation design should not be ignored in laboratories. After all, employees here regularly perform tasks in the same posture - a lack of ergonomics quickly leads to tension, fatigue and errors, which should be prevented by all means, especially in laboratory work.

Therefore, the manufacturer MiniTec offers you a wide range of height-adjustable tables that can be easily adapted to different users and their needs. Thanks to diverse, flexibly extendable lift systems, laboratory equipment and various utensils can also be arranged at the desired height. With the MiniTec modular system, our tables can also be easily integrated into existing work environments. The tables effectively prevent fatigue and health problems caused by incorrect posture and one-sided stress.


We also offer you maximum flexibility with our roll carts, which you can design exactly as you like. With the modular roller container system, you can put together individual solutions from standardized modules and a portfolio of accessory components. For example, you can determine the height and number of levels that the trolley should have.

Flexibility is also a given when using trolleys in laboratories: they serve as storage space for instruments, samples and utensils of various kinds. Thanks to their castors, they can be moved to wherever they are needed at any time. Of course, the castors are lockable, so that a safe stand is guaranteed.

Laboratory cabinets

Our laboratory cabinets, available in various sizes, provide space for all the instruments and working materials needed in the laboratory. Cabinets are indispensable in a laboratory, as they ensure a neat and tidy environment, which is particularly important in this sensitive space. Our cabinets made of painted steel are extremely robust and durable; the MiniTec telescopic guide with self-closing mechanism ensures convenient handling.

In accordance with our proven modular principle, all base cabinets can also be combined with the tables. Depending on the type and use of your laboratory, you may also need special hazardous materials cabinets in which you can safely store chemicals and other hazardous materials.


A workbench in the laboratory represents a fully equipped workstation with a laboratory table, storage areas and the necessary power supply. With our high-quality power supply duct, power cables, data cables and compressed air lines are housed in a clean, protected environment, as should absolutely be the case in a laboratory. Thanks to the adjustment options of our tables and many accessory components, you can freely design your workbenches in the laboratory according to your wishes and needs.


Shelves and wall cabinets also create storage space in the laboratory and serve to store important instruments and utensils. You can find these pieces of furniture in numerous different shapes and sizes.

Laboratory sink

For hygienic and effective work in the laboratory, quick access to water is indispensable. Laboratory sinks are available in various designs and made of different materials, such as stainless steel or ceramic.

Extensive accessories for laboratory equipment

In addition to various laboratory furniture, which is indispensable in these sensitive workspaces, you will also find a wide range of products at MiniTec with which you can make laboratory workplaces even more comfortable and ergonomic. These include, for example, monitor supports, if required also with storage consoles and keyboard trays, as well as tool carriers and toolholders in various designs.

Especially in laboratories, a clear and tidy working environment is important, and our storage accessories are ideal for this. Small parts can be neatly stored in our open fronted storage bins, which are available in various sizes and colors. At MiniTec you will find laboratory furniture and accessories for your needs. Feel free to contact us and let us advise you.

Other furnishing elements

  • Laboratory chairs and stools
  • Weighing tables for precise measurement results
  • Supply and disposal systems
  • Safety devices, e.g. emergency showers

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Advantages of MiniTec laboratory furniture and equipment

  • Proven modular system; the right solutions for both small and larger laboratories
  • Constructions can be changed at any time
  • Parts reusable
  • First-class laboratory furniture quality; robust and durable
  • MiniTec always pays attention to ergonomic workplace design that benefits the health and performance of your employees
  • Extensive accessories available; we are also your ideal partner for ESD accessories, lighting and energy supply
  • Experience and competence since 1986; important companies from numerous industries and from all over the world are among our customers