Experimental setups at the Technical University of KaiserslauternAt the Chair of LRF at the University of Kaiserslautern, technically complex experimental setups are created. 01. March 2022
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The MiniTec profile system is regularly used at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, in particular at the "Laboraty of Reaction and Fluid Process Engineering" (LRF for short). But what exactly does the Mechanical and Process Engineering department do and how are our aluminum profiles used? We were able to get an overview on site and talk to Mr. Raphael Raab, M. Sc. and Scientific Assistant, about the projects there.  

What is being researched here in the first place and why?
"Our focus is on heat transfer, optical imaging, chemical analysis with NMR spectroscopy and relative multiphase processes."

That sounds very technical at first - where are the above-mentioned focal points applied and what do they mean?
"Essentially, we investigate - among other things on behalf of companies - the behavior of liquids and gases, heat transfer and material optimization processes. How can resources and energy be saved in processes, condensation improved and purer or more products obtained? One of our projects, for example, deals with seawater desalination plants for drinking water production. Our experimental setups are always changing; they have to be adapted to changing conditions and be flexible to change. And this is where MiniTec comes into play: For a long time, we worked with metal rod systems with grub screws - the setup was very time-consuming and you couldn't work on it alone. A lot of time could pass before everything was mounted and adjusted, and we could hardly react flexibly to changes in the setup. Then MiniTec came to our attention. The profile system is totally easy to assemble, the system is self-explanatory and stable - "LEGO for adults" really sums it up well. And if you need special accessories, you can find them quickly."


Where are our components used everywhere?
"As described, in experimental setups in which there are, for example, stirred vessels with a diameter of 500 mm or reactors over 6 m high. We usually buy bar stock and always have a few meters of profile in stock, which we then assemble ourselves individually. Over time, we have also built rolling carts and standing tables on casters - these allow us to work flexibly and comfortably anywhere in our hall without being tied to a specific place. Even a mobile podium or two has been built, which professors use in lecture halls where there's just a regular table instead of a high desk."


We are very pleased that our profile system is being used in so many different ways at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to get an overview on site. We wish you continued success in your research and look forward to many more years of cooperation!

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