With MiniTec to JupiterAt DLR in Berlin, a GALA transceiver was created in the mounting fixture for a spacecraft. 04. March 2022
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The DLR Institute of Planetary Research in Berlin Adlershof is concerned with the study of the solar system, especially with regard to the origin, formation and evolution of planets, their moons and small planetary bodies (asteroids and comets). This includes experiments and missions, starting with the idea, concept studies, instrument development and calibration, as well as the experiment execution itself up to data acquisition.


For example, the institute is also involved in the ESA project JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) with scientific instruments. For this, among other things, a fixture was provided for the stress-free integration of an instrument at a difficult-to-access position on the spacecraft. This fixture accommodated and held the GALA instrument (Laser Altimeter) optical transceiver including a honeycomb panel, making the mount possible. It was designed and built with MiniTec. There was only a few millimeters of clearance so as not to damage the sensitive optics of the instrument or the space probe.

A laser protection enclosure for performing instrument tests has also been designed, engineered and built for use on the spacecraft with the help of MiniTec. This will allow functional tests of the laser altimeter to be performed on the spacecraft in the summer of 2022 to ensure proper operation of the experiment. The launch date of the spacecraft is planned for 2023.

Transceiver of GALA in the mounting device for a spacecraft.
At DLR in Berlin, a GALA transceiver was created in the mount for a spacecraft.

Furthermore, the MiniTec profile system is used at the institute's Adlershof site to realize holding fixtures for various test setups in the laboratory. For example, for testing and characterizing electronic boxes for use in space under various temperature conditions. The MiniTec profile system is flexible and easy to use. The support provided by the MiniTec team in Berlin for the implementation of specific projects is constructive and reliable.

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