Special feeder enables turning of steel shafts up to 6 m longHardened steel shafts 03. August 2020

The machining of hardened steel shafts is a specialty of MiniTec at the Waldmohr location. In order to be able to respond even more flexibly to customer requirements, a special feeder has been designed which also allows very long shafts to be turned.

With the new system, shafts with diameters of 5 - 80 mm and lengths of up to 6 m can be machined without any problems. The workpieces can be clamped centrically within a few seconds, no matter how thick they are. Alignment is not necessary. The design is so precise that a spindle speed of 2000 revolutions 1/min is no problem even with 6 m shafts.

The feeder is coupled with the lathe in terms of control. This also ensures greater work safety for the operator: if certain safety measures are not met, the machine will not start.

Stefan Geyer, head of the Waldmohr location: "The shaft feeder clearly expands our range of services in the linear sector. Surface-hardened precision steel shafts can now be processed quickly and efficiently, even with larger dimensions. At the same time, the design is also a fine example of our know-how in machine and plant engineering."

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The clamping and centering of the shafts is done in a few seconds.


[Translate to English:] Stahlwellenzuführung

The feeder allows the turning of shafts up to 6 m long.


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