Flowtrail Landstuhl: A mountain bike trail for everyoneregional 06. October 2021
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A flow trail including a pump track, i.e. a mountain bike track that can be ridden in a flowing manner, will soon enrich the upper area of the Kahlenberg in Landstuhl.

The small basic idea of a "flow trail for ourselves" has now developed into a larger flow trail with a pump track in three levels of difficulty for children, young people and adults, which is to be completed next year. Co-founder and MiniTec employee Benjamin Müller tells us how the project came about.

"Originally, we wanted a flow trail for ourselves that was officially approved. This basic idea gradually evolved into something bigger: we want to build a flow trail including a pump track that offers an attractive leisure facility for children, young people and adults. Where you can pursue your sport and live out your hobby. Due to our closeness to nature, it is also important to us to build the trail without outside material," Benjamin explains to us.

"The association "Flowtrail Landstuhl e.V." was founded for our project. It consists of eleven founders and members from three generations - from 16 to 60.

But how does the association and especially the extensive project finance itself? The trail will be built according to the specifications of the DIMB (Deutsche Initiative Mountainbike e.V.). In addition to membership fees and an application for funding through LEADER, MiniTec is taking over a considerable part of the costs: with a donation of 13,600 €, the region is also being supported in addition to the association, in order to create a great opportunity for leisure activities not only for residents of the surrounding villages.

"Since MiniTec has often supported social projects or associations in the region, we thought we would just ask if the company would also like to support this project. We are very happy that MiniTec supports us with such a high donation. Because as you know, construction measures often turn out to be more expensive than expected, so the financing of our flow trail is secured."

The building application has already been submitted - as soon as all requirements are met, construction can already begin at the end of October.

Flowtrail Landstuhl