Conveying in the smallest spaceUMSL pallet circulation system 22. July 2021
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MiniTec introduces a new pallet circulation system UMSL, which allows an even more rational use in the smallest space with a high load capacity at the same time. It enables the interlinking of processing machines, workstations, handling devices or serves as a robot feeder.

Sch├Ânenberg-K├╝belberg, July 2021 - MiniTec has established itself on the market for many years as a complete supplier of flexible, reliable and efficient conveyor systems. These are created on the basis of the extensive modular system. The spectrum ranges from heavy-duty roller conveyors for KanBan solutions to driven belt conveyors, belt conveyors, roller conveyors and accumulation roller conveyors to complex assembly systems such as RMS for heavy loads or the flexible assembly system FMS.

In the field of pallet conveyor technology, MiniTec has been offering the proven UMS pallet circulation system for years - a space-saving solution in which the empty pallets are returned below the conveyor level. This system is suitable for workpiece carriers from 400 to 1000 millimeters wide and at least 270 millimeters long (can be coupled). The total length of a system can be up to 15 meters, with a maximum load per pallet of 100 kg.

Compact new solution

As a compact alternative to this, the new UMSL (L for Light) pallet circulation system has now been developed. It is a very economical solution with minimal space requirements. It is suitable for workpiece carriers from 158 to 250 millimeters wide and 180 to 250 millimeters long. The total length of a system can be up to 10 meters, with a maximum load per pallet of 15 kg.

The UMSL is suitable for linking processing machines, workstations, handling equipment or for robot feeders. In the new system, the pallets are conveyed on a continuously circulating link chain. The sliding strips under the pallets enable them to be stopped and accumulated on the continuing link chain. The pallets are stopped by stoppers attached to the sides.
By means of additional centering pins pneumatically retracting into the pallet frame from below, the pallet can also be positioned at the stop positions with an accuracy of +/- 0.2mm and thus, for example, be automatically loaded or unloaded. At the end of the conveyor section, the unloaded pallets are gripped frictionally on both sides by co-rotating discs and vertically deflected so that they are transported back suspended on the underside without any further control effort. The pallets can also be accumulated during return transport. The optional automatic or manual chain tensioning of the circulating link chain ensures safe operation. With a track width of 165 mm, the UMSL conveyor offers maximum flexibility in the tightest of spaces. In a single conveyor, the UMSL combines a complex machine combination of two conveyors (forward/backward transport) plus two lift units.

MiniTec also relied on the high-quality standard components of its modular system for the development of the UMSL pallet circulation system, thus enabling its customers to work with a flexibly integrable conveyor system that is virtually maintenance-free and low-wear. Additions such as test stations, assembly or removal stations can be integrated seamlessly.
MiniTec supports its customers with experienced engineers and technicians in the planning and implementation of entire conveyor systems as well as the adaptation of such systems. 

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Palettenumlaufsystem UMSL