The Circular Economy in Practice Max Born Institute benefits from reusability of MiniTec components 26. July 2023
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The circular economy is nothing new - at least not for MiniTec customers. Because the aluminum profiles do not require any mechanical processing thanks to the sophisticated joining technology, constructions can be dismantled again and again and the MiniTec material used can be used for new projects.


The Max Born Institute in Berlin has been working according to this principle for almost 30 years. The facility is located on the grounds of the Technology Park in Berlin-Adlershof and conducts basic research in the field of non-linear optics and short-term dynamics.

In the past, the researchers used welded steel frames for their experimental setups. This involved considerable effort for cutting, drilling, welding and surface treatment. As early as the beginning of the 1990s, they therefore switched to aluminum profiles as the basis for construction. According to the institute, Minitec profiles have simplified everything enormously. Since then, the constructions have only been screwed together and everything can be attached to the surrounding grooves.

Typical experimental setup of the Max Born Institute.

Suspension of a ventilation system with MiniTec profiles.

The Max Born Institute is a typical experimental laboratory. Large optical tables with hole patterns are used for its investigations into the interaction of matter with laser light. Lasers with mirrors for controlling the beam path are located on the tables as experimental set-ups. Due to the hazardous nature of the lasers, light-tight enclosures are required, which are realized with the MiniTec profile system. The profiles are also used for suspensions for flow boxes and ventilation systems installed in the laboratories.

Sustainability is important to the researchers. The test set-ups are subject to permanent dynamics. They are set up, then modified at some point or completely dismantled again. "That's why the MiniTec profile construction kit is ideal for us," says one employee. "The system allows us to use the materials again and again, with only the occasional additional purchase. If profiles need to be adapted for a new project, we take them to MiniTec Berlin and have them cut to size for their next use. We have been doing this for 25 years. MiniTec makes it very easy for us to implement a circular economy - with benefits for the environment and resources, but also for our costs!"

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