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"Small cause, big effect" - this wisdom also applies when it comes to the quality of small parts. Manufacturing defects in screws, nuts or injection-molded parts can cause enormous consequential costs, especially in automated processes. If, for example, a screw cannot be screwed in because of a faulty thread, this can bring an entire assembly process to a standstill. That's why Syscon, based in Mannheim, Germany, has been dedicated to the development of machines for the optical inspection and sorting of small parts for over 25 years. Always on board: MiniTec. Because while Syscon contributes the inspection technology, the innovative plant manufacturer takes care of the mechanical design and assembly of the machines.


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Syscon systems are used in a wide variety of industries, ranging from suppliers to the automotive industry, press and stamping plants, plant manufacturers, the solar industry, packaging manufacturers, and the jewelry industry.

For Syscon Managing Director Markus Auer, the cooperation with MiniTec is a decisive success factor: "In our inspection and sorting systems, the competencies of our company as a specialist for optical inspection technology complement MiniTec's know-how in high-end mechanical engineering in an ideal way. Our customers benefit enormously from the synergies gained from this, as they receive customized, effective solutions for their inspection and sorting tasks that can be perfectly integrated into their workflows."

Together, they developed various system concepts, two types of which are considered here - the QuickSweeper and the ScrewSweeper. With slight modifications, these can be used for many 100% component inspections.

QuickSweeper or ScrewSweeper - the right solution for every requirementQuickSweeper is an automatic testing and sorting machine for small parts that can be fed in a stable position - i.e. stamped, bent, formed and injection-molded parts such as nuts, washers, springs, seals, etc. in dimensions up to max. LxWxH 45 mm x 45 mm x 25 mm (expandable). The average achievable output is 28,800 inspected parts per hour, the maximum output even 54,000 units.

While the QuickSweeper systems are mainly used for parts with a low center of gravity (i.e. that are not top-heavy and have a good contact surface), the ScrewSweeper systems require a collar and shaft on the parts to be inspected, with which they can be suspended on a driver plate. Here, the center of gravity can therefore also be higher. ScrewSweeper is accordingly mainly used for testing and sorting screws or comparable components. The average achievable output here is 18,000 inspected parts per hour.

Precision and flexibility
The Syscon systems allow fast, geometric measurement of bulk materials in three dimensions. The typical measuring accuracy is 3/100 mm (part-specific 1/100 mm). The special feeding concept and an upstream hopper system make trouble-free 3-shift operation possible. Simple changeover and operation by entering set values or teach-in of a good part make even small batch sizes profitable.

Freely configurable inspection sequences, created by simple menu navigation, bring about the high flexibility of QuickSweeper and ScrewSweeper. Targeted sorting for rework is made possible by multiple good part channels.

Up to five high-resolution cameras serve as sensors. Typical perspectives for optical inspection are telecentric top view, telecentric side view, endocentric views in reflected light (different directions) and special images such as the hypercentric or pericentric view for the evaluation of entire shell surfaces in one image.

Integration of quality inspection and handling
QuickSweeper as well as ScrewSweeper can be used as stand-alone systems or integrated into the production line and are compatible with downstream packaging machines. MiniTec also supports the integration into the operational workflow and realizes complete conveyor lines with integrated material testing for the customers.

High usability
Syscon systems require little maintenance and are characterized by particularly simple, self-explanatory operation. This also applies to the preparation for new objects to be tested (the "teach-in") - with correspondingly short set-up times as a result. And thanks to the design with MiniTec aluminum profiles, they are always specially designed for the respective requirements, but can be easily retrofitted or expanded as needed. Just in line with the MiniTec slogan "The art of simplicity".

Equipped for the future
Syscon now also offers inspection machines for larger objects, such as cable harnesses. Today, the company sees itself as a specialist in the optical inspection of all kinds of parts, from micrometers to several meters in length. The desire to inspect 100% of small parts is now standard for companies. Nevertheless, even in this environment, new challenges continue to arise for Syscon, according to Markus Auer: "The parts are becoming more complex, special parts must increasingly be included in inspection processes, setup in t=0 for small batch sizes is increasingly in the specifications, and the requirements for surface quality continue to increase. And yet the systems must be configurable from the modular system so that they can be realized in a manageable project time and at attractive conditions for the customer. The fact that this will also be possible in the future is thanks to our cooperation with MiniTec. Their flexible profile system, combined with their experience in building our plants, ensures that we can continue to supply our customers with suitable machines in the future, no matter what requirements come along."

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QuickSweeper is used for surface inspection and fast geometric measurement of objects.


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ScrewSweeper is an efficient testing and sorting machine for screws.