Studio Berlin: Well equipped with MiniTecProfile system makes flexible for TV productions 21. January 2022
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Whether it's big entertainment or theme shows, TV series, sports broadcasts, events or product presentations, Studio Berlin with its studios and OB vans offers all possibilities from planning to implementation.

For the greatest possible flexibility in mobile productions, the company invested in the new OB truck Ü10 in the summer of 2021 and also had its own setup truck built in the process. This separation of control room and technology was the biggest conceptual innovation. The technical components are not installed in the OB truck, as is usually the case, but are housed completely in a central equipment room in the setup truck. This offers many advantages for productions.

When designing the setup truck, Studio Berlin placed great emphasis on the flexibility and stability of the interior. What was needed were shelving systems and structures that could accommodate materials and equipment of widely varying sizes and in some cases heavy weights, and that could be converted with little effort.

Against this background, Studio Berlin commissioned its system integrator to carry out the interior fittings of the setup trolley using the MiniTec aluminum profile construction kit. The stability and flexibility of this system had already been experienced and appreciated in other areas, for example in hygiene protection walls or shelf tables. It was also an advantage that MiniTec Berlin is located in the direct vicinity of Studio Berlin; both companies are virtually only a stone's throw away from each other in the Adlershof Technology Park.

Studio Berlin is highly satisfied with the result, according to Matthias Alexandru, the technical manager there: "We needed a living shelf system in our setup vehicle because the contents and their dimensions are always changing. We wanted to be able to make the changes as independently as possible without having to commission an external vehicle builder. With MiniTec as a competent partner and their profile construction kit, this is possible at any time and has already been practiced many times. This flexibility is invaluable for us!"