Roller wardrobes self madeNiederstetten fire department relies on its own design 19. September 2023
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The Niederstetten volunteer fire department has been benefiting from the MiniTec profile construction kit for many years. The team around commander Oliver Käss designs and builds all kinds of constructions on their own, going far beyond the portfolio of the MiniTec fire department catalog. The most recent example is the special roller wardrobes that were built for the unit's crew rooms in the Rinderfeld district.


Individual concept with many advantages

Of course, the special requirements of the fire department were taken into account during the design phase. This starts with mesh mats for shoes and boots and ranges from special helmet holders to movable coat hooks. It was also important to Oliver Käss that the coat racks have castors and can therefore be moved flexibly: "This is an advantage when cleaning, for example. Because boots and clothing are often very dirty after use and leave their mark accordingly. Thanks to the castors, we can easily move the wardrobes outside and clean them. But the mobility of the wardrobes also gives us more flexibility in general, as we can quickly move them from one room to another." The Niederstetter fire department was also able to record clear advantages on the financial side, as the MiniTec checkrooms cost just half as much as ready-made solutions.

Design files available to download free of charge

So that other fire departments can also benefit from the concept, Oliver Käss and his team are making the iCAD Assembler design files available to download free of charge – naturally excluding any liability.

CAD-Datei Rollgarderobe   (5 KB)


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