Racing simulator with profile Students realize ambitious project 08. August 2023
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The fascination of racing simulation and how MiniTec became part of an impressive racing project. Thanks to the cooperation with the Rudolf Diesel Technical College, a fully customizable aluminium cockpit was created that meets the highest demands and delivers authentic driving fun.

A team of four mechatronics technician students from the Rudolf Diesel Technical College in Nuremberg called SimraceX2 tackled an ambitious project as part of their further training: building their own driving simulator. The aim was to create an environmentally friendly way of experiencing the racing feeling. The team decided to use aluminum profiles from MiniTec as the basis for the construction.

Background and motivation

The idea for this project arose from the desire to combine driving pleasure and environmental awareness. The team wanted to develop a system that would allow users to enjoy a racing experience without exhaust fumes and noise. At the same time, the simulator had to be designed in such a way that it was easy to operate and easy to transport.

The Simrace X2 team with its racing simulator.

Planning and preparation

The first step was to define the requirements and framework conditions for the project. The team decided to use MiniTec aluminum profiles as the basis for the design, as they are easy to work with and are of high quality. With the help of a CAD drawing, the students designed the frame of the driving simulator, which was to be made from MiniTec aluminum profiles. MiniTec sponsored the project by providing profiles, angles, caps and rails, which helped the team a lot. By using MiniTec aluminum profiles, the construction of the driving simulator was simplified, saving time and resources.


The implementation of the project went smoothly thanks to the aluminum profiles from MiniTec. The sub-steps were precisely planned and implemented. The aluminum profiles were simply plugged together and fastened with the supplied brackets and caps. Care was taken to ensure that the simulator was stable and secure. The processing of the aluminum profiles proved to be simple and uncomplicated, so that the team made rapid progress.

The result

The result is impressive: The driving simulator with MiniTec aluminum profiles is not only pollutant-free, but also offers an authentic racing experience. The simulator is easy to operate and easy to transport. Thanks to the MiniTec aluminum profiles, the frame was very easy and quick to assemble. The simulator was completed by March 30 and delivered together with the documentation.

Conclusion and outlook

The SimraceX2 team is very satisfied with the outcome of the project. The use of MiniTec's aluminum profiles proved to be a good decision and simplified the project enormously. The simulator will be used for trade fairs and events in the future. The team is already planning further projects with the high-quality aluminum profiles from MiniTec.

To summarize, the SimraceX2 team has completed an impressive project with the construction of the driving simulator. Thanks to the MiniTec aluminum profiles, the simulator was quick and easy to build and offers an authentic racing experience without exhaust fumes and noise. A successful example of the combination of environmental awareness and technology.

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