Cabin for optimum sound insulation Noise protection cabin made of profile 25. January 2024
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Active noise protection makes a significant contribution to a pleasant workplace in industry. With MiniTec components and designs for industrial sound insulation, industrial noise can be significantly reduced on machines, in production halls and in recreation rooms and offices. A soundproof booth significantly reduces noise.

Where there is planing, there are chips - and where there is needling, there is noise: A MiniTec customer built a system for one of its own customers in which components are marked with a needler. The workpieces enter the construction via a conveyor belt on one side, are lifted, marked, lowered and then conveyed out again on the other side. The noise caused by the marking device is enormous. This is why MiniTec was commissioned to provide an effective soundproof cabin. The result meets the requirements in every respect.

The enclosure based on the modular profile system is completely lined with special sound insulation cassettes, which are available as standard items from MiniTec and were adapted to the required dimensions. The exterior cladding is made of galvanized sheet steel, although a powder-coated or painted finish would also have been possible. Inside, a perforated sheet with mineral wool provides additional sound absorption. To eliminate vibrations, the profiles on the underside of the construction were fitted with a rubber support profile.

The cab can be opened completely at the front via two doors.

Side view of the soundproof cabin.

Optimum sound insulation
A fully automatic process has been implemented for optimum sound insulation. When a part arrives on the conveyor belt in front of the entrance, a sensor reports this to the system. The lifting door moves upwards, the workpiece is conveyed in, then the door moves down again and closes the cabin. The marking process now starts inside. Once this is complete, the lift door at the exit opens again briefly until the part has left the cabin. Special brush strips are fitted to the openings at the top and bottom to ensure that as little noise as possible escapes to the outside, even during loading and unloading.

Despite maximum acoustic absorption, MiniTec also paid attention to ease of maintenance. The enclosure has two hinged doors at the front, which open up the entire interior. In addition, there are two maintenance panels at the rear that can be removed if necessary, should something not be accessible from the front. The enclosure also has a shelf for a keyboard, mouse and other operating devices as well as a suspension for screens and power electronics.


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