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The UMSL, a light version of the pallet circulation system, is a very cost-effective solution with minimum space requirement for linking machine tools, workstations, handling equipment or robot feeders.

Flexible: Very compact solution; with a track width of 165 mm, the UMSL conveyor offers maximum flexibility in the smallest space. It is possible to accumulate the pallets on both the upper and the lower level. The UMSL can even be used as an overhead conveyor.
Economical: The UMSL offers attractive value for money.

Our top choice

The design of the UMSL is based on the high-quality standard components of the MiniTec modular system. This means that the pallet circulation system is also compatible with all components of our modular system. Additions such as inspection stations, assembly or removal stations can be seamlessly integrated.



  • Only one motor - energy consumption is significantly reduced.
  • Minimal wear and tear with low maintenance requirements
  • Easy to control - control effort is very low and does not require complex programming.
  • In a single conveyor, the UMSL combines a complex machine combination of 2 conveyors (forward/backward) + 2 lift units.

Our experienced engineers will be happy to assist you in planning and implementing your conveyor systems and adapting them to your specific tasks.

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