Promoting school education in KenyaA very special success story
A very special success storyPromoting school education in Kenya
Mohammed Kuti

Giving the children future prospects – that is one of the main motives of MiniTec’s commitment to the Steyler missionaries in the slums of Soweto in Kenya. “The most important thing is and remains good schooling, which is a large share of our money is spent in this area”, says MiniTec founder, Bernhard Bauer. Against this background, the entrepreneur is always pleased to discover that his activities also bear fruit.

More than a few of the school students have made their way in life, many of the girls now work as nurses in the nearby district hospital in Isiolo. Brother Karl Schaarschmidt, who has been working in Kenya for 23 years, now reports on a very particular success story, that of Mohammed Kuti. He too was supported and encouraged by the Steyler missionaries. He was one of the first pupils in the primary school in Garba Tulla and then attended 4 years of high school, followed by a degree in medicine. He then worked in the district hospital, which he also ran for several years, until he opened his own hospital. He then went into politics. He was a minister in the Kenyan government for several years and is now the Governor of Isiolo County.

Bernhard Bauer: “Not every student of ours has to become a minister or governor. We are always pleased when one of our charges finds their way out of the slum of Soweto and is able to lead a normal life. However, it is naturally very special for me, when I see how far someone can go with our financial donations. I am therefore extremely pleased about the story of Mohammed Kuti.“

By the way, a further school is currently being planned, in the town of Githunguri. Brother Karl Schaarschmidt is building it with local personnel. The people are trained in a construction trade. The block will be made up of several ground level buildings, so that the school can be extended whenever necessary. Donations are always welcome – every euro is used for the construction!


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