New electric lifting columns with many advantagesIdeal for ESD workstations 17. January 2024
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Electric height adjustment can improve ergonomics in many work areas and therefore also increase productivity. MiniTec now has a new lift system for this purpose, which has various special features.

The MiniTec modular system offers numerous options for making workstations and other structures height-adjustable. There are various electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and manual lift systems to choose from. Which type is recommended in a specific case depends on the individual circumstances.

The electric height adjustment is of course the most convenient. Here, the working height can be individually adjusted at the touch of a button - quickly, easily and as often as you like. MiniTec now has a new lifting column (with an "M" in the designation) in this area, which has various special features. For example, there are grooves on all four sides - which has advantages if you want to attach something to it. Furthermore, these systems are inherently electrically conductive. ESD capability is therefore child's play to achieve with MiniTec ESD components. The product range is also characterized by a comparatively low installation height, which can be a clear advantage in certain designs.

The new electric lift system is available with stroke lengths of 300 or 400 mm. Depending on the requirements and load, up to 3 lifting columns can be synchronized and thus raised and lowered simultaneously at the touch of a button. This option can even be extended to up to 12 columns on request.

"The new electric lifting columns are an ideal addition to the MiniTec modular system for height adjustment. They are suitable for normal tables in workshops or offices as well as for larger working levels, complete packaging, assembly and production systems or even material supply systems or other devices. Even transport trolleys can be equipped with them, thanks to the use of rechargeable batteries for the power supply," says Thomas Trenz, MiniTec expert for workstation systems.

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