New configurator: Easier to your individual workstationTry it now! 12. June 2023

To facilitate the design of workstations, the MiniTec website now features a new, extremely convenient online configurator.

MiniTec workstations are being used in more and more companies and organizations. The areas of use are very different and range from assembly, picking, testing or packaging to the classic office environment. This diversity is made possible by the flexible workstation system based on the MiniTec modular profile system, which provides a comprehensive range of accessories. Whether height adjustment, portal superstructure, lighting, tool holding plates, base cabinets or other add-on parts - the options for individual design are virtually unlimited.

But how do I as a customer get to "my" workstation? For this purpose, the MiniTec website offers a large selection of table frames and individual components, which can be filtered by product category. Nevertheless, a certain amount of expertise and experience is required here if you want to put together a complex workstation. In order to significantly simplify the path to an individual workstation for its customers, MiniTec has now implemented a new configurator for this area, which is now available for use on the MiniTec website.

Focus on ease of operation

True to the motto "The Art of Simplicity," the focus was on making operation as convenient and intuitive as possible. The result is impressive: The customer is guided step by step through the configuration of his workstation. They do not need any MiniTec product knowledge, but can concentrate fully on their own requirements. 

Starting with the definition of the basic frame (dimensions, height adjustment, gantry, ESD capability, ...), the process continues with the areas of tabletop, base cabinet, lighting, storage console, monitor holder and tool holding plate. Each selection is directly visible in the preview - of course in 3D and with the possibility to rotate the construction as desired. The positioning of many add-on parts can be freely shifted until it matches the user's own ideas. By the way, the system thinks along with the composition of the components - on the one hand, by displaying only those options at the individual steps that make sense there - depending on what you have selected before. On the other hand, the design is also checked for plausibility. Errors are marked in the preview - and only after they have been corrected can the workstation be placed in the shopping cart and requested.

The configuration starts with the base frame.

More features will be added successively.

Everything correct? Then go to the shopping cart and request a quote.

Indicative price included | Summary in the product data sheet

So that the customer is also immediately informed about the cost framework, he always sees the price reached up to that point during configuration. Important: This is only an approximate guide price, which may differ from the actual offer price. Nevertheless, it is certainly valuable for the user as a guide.

If everything fits, the customer can download the design as a product data sheet (PDF) and send the request. He then receives an e-mail with a link to call up the configuration online and to the PDF summary. In addition, as usual, the request ends up in his request history, where he can call it up, view it and request it again at any time.

Incidentally, there is another option for accessing previous configurations in the configurator itself: There, all previously generated designs can be viewed via a "Projects" tab. If you want to use one as the basis for a modified version of it, a duplicate is generated with a new project number, which can then be edited.


More speed in processing

However, the workstation configurator not only provides benefits for the customer. Inquiries generated from it can also be processed much faster on the MiniTec side, as there are fewer queries and the documentation is much better. This, of course, ultimately benefits the customers as well, since they receive their offer more quickly and can place the order accordingly. Important: In order to be able to use the full range of functions of the workstation configurator as a customer, you must have an account on the MiniTec website and be logged in via it.