Modular production with manufacturing cellsPremiere at Motek 06. September 2023
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MiniTec has developed an innovative concept for individual plants based on standardized production cells. These are self-contained boxes that always have the same dimensions and an identical basic structure, but are equipped with different functions and technologies for the respective tasks. At Motek 2023, MiniTec will present an exemplary plant based on this approach for the first time.

The Motek plant consists of two manufacturing cells connected by a conveyor line. One of the cells contains a robot. This robot handles hybrid welding, a new joining process, in the cell. The second cell contains a 3-axis linear system, which is also used for handling tasks. In addition, a logistics unit is integrated to perform various manipulations of the components.

Robots and linear axes as alternatives

In general, the system demonstrates that the new MiniTec cells can work with both a robot and a linear gantry. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages and thus their specific areas of application. Ultimately, it is a question of the task in hand which technology is used in the MiniTec cells - both are possible. 

From the single cell to the automation line

The basic structure of the cells is always the same: 

  • In the lower area, under the table top, there is the basic unit, which contains all the control electronics
  • Above the plate, the actual action takes place
  • The cell is enclosed by a protective cabin

In this way, the MiniTec production cells can be flexibly equipped with different tasks for the same base unit. In addition, they can operate separately (autonomously) or in a linked line. Accordingly, several sub-processes running in different cells can be aggregated into one overall process. In this way, the construction of modular, extremely flexible automation solutions is possible.

Plug and play

The dimensions of the cells also ensure flexibility and speed. Because of their compact dimensions, they can be moved by forklift truck and fit on any normal truck. This means that they no longer have to be dismantled after assembly at MiniTec and acceptance by the customer, but can be transported directly to their final destination. There, they are simply set up, switched on and start working immediately. This not only saves money, but also a lot of time. The same advantages also apply, of course, to changes of location within the company. In addition, the compact dimensions of the cells mean that they can also be used in production environments with limited space.

Useful for a wide range of tasks

The range of applications for the new MiniTec production cells is huge and extends from assembly activities and testing tasks to handling operations of all kinds. Thanks to the possibility of interlinking and the self-contained control loops within the individual cells, fully automated assembly and production lines are also conceivable.