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Hydraulic systems for profiles

Rely on the proven modular system from MiniTec with innovative and flexible components for profile systems. Our hydraulic systems are ideal for lifting, lowering and tilting tables, countertops, desks, workbenches, fixtures and much more. Learn more

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Powerful hydraulic components for mechanical engineering

Our hydraulic system is available with either add-on or built-in cylinders. Both variants of complete hydraulic systems can be operated manually or electrically. One hydraulic pump moves up to 6 hydraulic cylinders. The stroke length is between 150 and 500 mm.

Trust in our expertise

Great care must be taken when working on hydraulic units. In order to prevent air inclusions in the system, we recommend that this work be carried out by our specially trained specialists. Should you nevertheless decide to install our hydraulic system independently, you should screw the pumps to the profile groove at a suitable point in the construction with screws "M6", mount the installation cylinder to aluminium profile "S" or alternatively mount the add-on cylinder to the profile groove using an adapter plate.

We can also advise you on the special versions and accessories available, such as suitable valves, hydraulic pipes and cylinders. On customer request, we design the hydraulic system perfectly matched to your system.

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